The True Object Of All Human Life Is Play

Diplomacy is a 67-year old game about taking over Europe. It’s a truly classic board game. Highly influential, intensely beloved, widely acclaimed. The beating heart of Diplomacy is in the alliances and agreements 7 players make in-between submitting orders. It is a game conducted not on the board, but in whispered conversations and secret messages.Continue reading “The True Object Of All Human Life Is Play”

Glasgow and Edinburgh: A Tale of Two Loaves

Glasgow South Side, 1893: The Glasgow Boys “Japan?” 29-year old Edward Hornel blinks in disbelief. He looks at his friend and fellow artist George Henry. Tea from a china cup in the grand drawing room of shipping magnet William Burrell? What a heck of a journey their paintings had brought them on. George grins atContinue reading “Glasgow and Edinburgh: A Tale of Two Loaves”

‘The Glasgow Effect’ and why it REALLY MATTERS

I LOVE GLASGOW. The people, the art, the culture, the buzz. Quite simply, Glasgow is like nowhere else in the world. Born an Edinburger (Portobello, to be precise – once a beach-o-phile, always a beach-o-phile), I have come home. I love this beautiful, vibrant, friendly city. There is nowhere I would rather live and work.Continue reading “‘The Glasgow Effect’ and why it REALLY MATTERS”

Why I Want To Be…… Harley Quinn

Blessed with three sons, I have an impressive knowledge of superheroes. DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW. Yaaay. Kick-ass mum. I know them all. After seventeen years of trying hard to stay awake… my conclusion? That superhero movies have a formula. There’s: A good guy; A supportive but hard-to-get girlfriend; Some evil villain he needsContinue reading “Why I Want To Be…… Harley Quinn”

Let’s Talk About….. Writing Books

“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts.”Savi Sharma THE END…. THE PERFECT ENDING. With a final late-night, all-consuming, impassioned push my literary baby is born. A culmination of love, perfection, emotional fragility, she lies swaddled in my arms as everyContinue reading “Let’s Talk About….. Writing Books”

Let’s talk…….. DOGS

Just over a year ago, I took delivery of the most gorgeous, fluffball of fox-red Labrador cuteness. An inimitable, loveable tiny bundle of chaos and teeth called ‘Fly’. Fly eats socks….. and barfs them up again. Fly ate a pair of my big knickers…… and barfed them up. Aww…. Cute. The dog who was ‘alwaysContinue reading “Let’s talk…….. DOGS”

Let’s Talk… Gender-Based Violence

On the evening of 3rd March, Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, disappeared as she walked home from her friend’s house. On the 12th March, Wayne Couzens, a Metropolitan Police officer was charged with her kidnap and murder. Since then, social media has wound itself into an angry, grief-ridden tsunami. An evolving narrative of lifeContinue reading “Let’s Talk… Gender-Based Violence”