About me

More about me.

A bit more about my writing?

Gritty? Passionate? Brave? Extraordinarily delicious? My writing has been called all those things. Sometimes I write about things I’m familiar with: hospitals; life; death; the interplay between physical and mental health. Sometimes I write about the complexity of the human psyche, from domestic abuse, gender identity and suicide to fairies, sexuality and adventure. My writing often revolves around strong, capable women.

A bit more about me?

By day, I work in adult mental health. I have a particular interest in how psychological and psychiatric factors, including stress and trauma, affects our physical health and have spent the last twenty plus years working across oncology, palliative care and chronic pain.

I grew up and trained in Edinburgh, but defected to Glasgow, then North Ayrshire where I now live with my three teenage sons, a gaggle of geese and a cute, but very greedy Labrador.


If you like my writing, please make contact with me and leave your email address, so that I can update you on forthcoming work and new stories.

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