Wonderful People… THANK YOU for visiting my website!

“The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say” Anais Nin

For those of you who were looking for Lauren Lloyd, the Scottish writer of big stories about life, death, love, sex, mental health, medicine and everything in-between… welcome.

For those of you who stumbled across me en-route to something else… Ha! Like the witch in Handel and Gretel, I trapped you in my web-cage! Have a nibble before wandering on. You might find something you enjoy.

A solitary and rather strange child, my favourite books were romantic classics.

Of course they were.

A wild, wicked slip, I was. I wanted to run wild, barefoot on the moors. Experience love so powerful, that if not requited, I would die and come back to haunt my lovers, cold and pale from a window.

When I wasn’t reading stories, I was writing them.

My stories take you on the same emotional journey with a contemporary twist. Sometimes frivolous, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes dark and complex, but always with an understanding of the psyche.

A Trip to the Moon was my first novel. I wrote it in 2015. It lay on a shelf for several years until I found the courage to let people read it. It’s set in the Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow, where I worked for many years. An emotional journey told through the bittersweet dissonance and harmony of love, life and death.

People Make Glasgow started as an aspiration and a crazy experiment.

Can you connect with humanity and ‘feel’ a character in the space of a magazine-sized article? Can fairies co-exist with Tinder, indecent proposals, lost love and the tragedy of youth suicide?

In a world of celebrity, social media influences, shortening attention spans and poorer mental health, understanding and connecting with the human experience seems more important than ever.

On this site you’ll find links to my published books. Some random blog-thoughts a-la-Lauren Lloyd in Chappin’ at the Windae. You’ll also find some short story teasers. Previously unpublished stories for you to enjoy for free. Read scenes from the Director’s Cut of A Trip to the Moon (Normal for the Spider, Chaos for the Fly and A Trip Back to the Moon).  Or read the Fabulous Borderline Normality Trilogy – one set of events, two toxic relationships, three perspectives. Omni Trium Perfectum. So much fun to write!

If you enjoy my writing or it triggers something for you, PLEASE CONNECT WITH ME. I’d love to hear from you. Feedback informs the next bunch of stories and adventures.

Wrap yourself in that blanket. Come sit by the fire. This story is so dangerous that tomorrow I must erase it from life. But there is a danger in a story never told, especially to the people in it.

Happy Reading, my lovelies!


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