Keep Calm And Love Your Gnu (AKA ‘STOP BLUE MONDAY’)

“Comms are on the phone, Lauren. Can you give them a press release for Blue Monday?” “WHAT?” I look up from the pile of papers, reports and the ever-growing waiting list and sigh deeply. I am way too professional to swear but I can eye-roll like a demon. We go through the media and commercialContinue reading “Keep Calm And Love Your Gnu (AKA ‘STOP BLUE MONDAY’)”

Let’s Talk About….. Personality Tests

SATURDAY “It’s my personality.” Helen giggles. “I’m hasty and stubborn…. apparently.” As usual she arrives at our coffee meet like a whirlwind. “You ordered the cake?” She looks around for a waitress. “On the plus side, I’m also dynamic and persuasive.” She winks at me. I don’t doubt it. Especially when it comes to cake.”Continue reading “Let’s Talk About….. Personality Tests”

Let’s Talk About…. Mindfulness

“Slowly… take the raisin to your mouth. Notice your arm knows where your mouth is. Place the raisin on your tongue. Don’t bite.” Shit, too late. I bit the raisin. Damn it. “Explore the sensation. Perhaps the raisin goes to one side or the other. Notice your saliva.” I’m noticing, I’m noticing. I’m so boredContinue reading “Let’s Talk About…. Mindfulness”

Let’s Talk… Gender-Based Violence

On the evening of 3rd March, Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, disappeared as she walked home from her friend’s house. On the 12th March, Wayne Couzens, a Metropolitan Police officer was charged with her kidnap and murder. Since then, social media has wound itself into an angry, grief-ridden tsunami. An evolving narrative of lifeContinue reading “Let’s Talk… Gender-Based Violence”

Let’s Talk About……. Fat Shaming

Let’s Talk About……. Fat Shaming There I am, tucking into my Lockdown-Saturday sausage butty and flicking onto Facebook to look at happy pictures of my world…… And there HE is…. Uninvited…… Leering unpleasantly….. And shouting. I’m in denial about my weight and I’m a disgusting human being. Excuse me, did I invite you onto myContinue reading “Let’s Talk About……. Fat Shaming”