Our Love Affair With Boris…..

I said I would never blog about politics. It’s too divisive, I said. Our world is fuelled by enough hatred. C’mon though. Quite simply, HOW COULD I NOT? Watching events unfold this week is like hiding behind the sofa watching the scariest movie. Compelled to watch, hands over the eyes. Fascination with a simultaneous, omnipresentContinue reading “Our Love Affair With Boris…..”

A Most CAP-tivating Tale…….

Do you know the most annoying thing about hat-posts………? (comedic pause) ………… THEY USUALLY GO OVER YOUR HEAD! BOOOOOOOOOOM I BOUGHT A HAT (see pic for said article). It’s blue and woolly and bigger than your average bunnet. I’ve never owned a hat before, believing that my head was too big to warrant the attention.Continue reading “A Most CAP-tivating Tale…….”

Let’s Talk About….. Personality Tests

SATURDAY “It’s my personality.” Helen giggles. “I’m hasty and stubborn…. apparently.” As usual she arrives at our coffee meet like a whirlwind. “You ordered the cake?” She looks around for a waitress. “On the plus side, I’m also dynamic and persuasive.” She winks at me. I don’t doubt it. Especially when it comes to cake.”Continue reading “Let’s Talk About….. Personality Tests”

Hedwig the Barefoot Duchess of Silesia

Wroclaw, Silesia: 1209 Monsters come in many forms, including shoes. The soft, brown leather boots are dwarfed by Lorenz the Confessor’s manly hands. Henry the Bearded chose his conspirator well. If anyone has power to make Hedwig cover her feet, it’s Bishop Lorenz. Hedwig feels her breath and her heart quicken. As quickly as itContinue reading “Hedwig the Barefoot Duchess of Silesia”

Glasgow and Edinburgh: A Tale of Two Loaves

Glasgow South Side, 1893: The Glasgow Boys “Japan?” 29-year old Edward Hornel blinks in disbelief. He looks at his friend and fellow artist George Henry. Tea from a china cup in the grand drawing room of shipping magnet William Burrell? What a heck of a journey their paintings had brought them on. George grins atContinue reading “Glasgow and Edinburgh: A Tale of Two Loaves”

Let’s Talk About…. Mindfulness

“Slowly… take the raisin to your mouth. Notice your arm knows where your mouth is. Place the raisin on your tongue. Don’t bite.” Shit, too late. I bit the raisin. Damn it. “Explore the sensation. Perhaps the raisin goes to one side or the other. Notice your saliva.” I’m noticing, I’m noticing. I’m so boredContinue reading “Let’s Talk About…. Mindfulness”

Let’s talk…….. DOGS

Just over a year ago, I took delivery of the most gorgeous, fluffball of fox-red Labrador cuteness. An inimitable, loveable tiny bundle of chaos and teeth called ‘Fly’. Fly eats socks….. and barfs them up again. Fly ate a pair of my big knickers…… and barfed them up. Aww…. Cute. The dog who was ‘alwaysContinue reading “Let’s talk…….. DOGS”

Let’s Talk… Gender-Based Violence

On the evening of 3rd March, Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, disappeared as she walked home from her friend’s house. On the 12th March, Wayne Couzens, a Metropolitan Police officer was charged with her kidnap and murder. Since then, social media has wound itself into an angry, grief-ridden tsunami. An evolving narrative of lifeContinue reading “Let’s Talk… Gender-Based Violence”

Let’s Talk About……. Fat Shaming

Let’s Talk About……. Fat Shaming There I am, tucking into my Lockdown-Saturday sausage butty and flicking onto Facebook to look at happy pictures of my world…… And there HE is…. Uninvited…… Leering unpleasantly….. And shouting. I’m in denial about my weight and I’m a disgusting human being. Excuse me, did I invite you onto myContinue reading “Let’s Talk About……. Fat Shaming”