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Dear Reader,

My author’s elixir is poured and waiting for you. Take a sip. Let it radiate. Relax.

Here, wrap yourself in that blanket and come sit by the fire.

My name is Lauren Lloyd. I’m the author of A Trip to the Moon, People Make Glasgow, some short stories and several experimental works in progress. There’s also my blog, Chappin’ at the Windae – gems of controversy, random musings, the occasional rant – posted there.

I hope you’ll take a look. Spend some time. Maybe even lose yourself in some sample short stories I’ve uploaded for you to enjoy.


People Make Glasgow
A Trip to the Moon Cover
A Trip to the Moon

Latest from the Blog


“Holy Moly, Eve.” Dr Sands fights back the stronger expletives. And the smell, Jesus. His patient, Eve Anderson limps in with a plastic shopping bag on her left foot. He dons an apron and gloves, before lifting the bagged foot into his lap. “Nothing we haven’t seen before, eh?” Workman-like, he takes the elastic band…


I wrote this short story a while ago and for some reason never quite got round to posting it. “We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.” “It’s close, Margaret. An hour or two at most.” If he wasn’t on the phone,…

Praise for People Make Glasgow

“Entertaining and thought provoking”

“A must read. I was laughing one minute, crying the next. Can’t wait for more.”

“Lauren Lloyd shows in this collection that she is equally at home writing in a variety of styles”

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