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Author of A Trip To The Moon and People Make Glasgow


Dear Reader,

My author’s elixir is poured and waiting for you. Take a sip. Let it radiate. Relax.

Here, wrap yourself in that blanket and come sit by the fire.

My name is Lauren Lloyd. I’m the author of A Trip to the Moon, People Make Glasgow, some short stories and several experimental works in progress. There’s also my blog, Chappin’ at the Windae – gems of controversy, random musings, the occasional rant – posted there.

I hope you’ll take a look. Spend some time. Maybe even lose yourself in some sample short stories I’ve uploaded for you to enjoy.


People Make Glasgow
A Trip to the Moon Cover
A Trip to the Moon

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Diplomacy is a 67-year old game about taking over Europe. It’s a truly classic board game. Highly influential, intensely beloved, widely acclaimed. The beating heart of Diplomacy is in the alliances and agreements 7 players make in-between submitting orders. It is a game conducted not on the board, but in…

Praise for People Make Glasgow

“Entertaining and thought provoking”

“A must read. I was laughing one minute, crying the next. Can’t wait for more.”

“Lauren Lloyd shows in this collection that she is equally at home writing in a variety of styles”

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