People Make Glasgow – A Collection of Short Stories

Can a short story take you on an emotional journey? Have you laugh, cry, grip the edge of your seat and leave you desperate for more?

Of course it can!

Jess, a whole-nut-chocolate-loving adventurer likes to experience the richness of life via Tinder. Kaz embraces an unexpected opportunity with her mortgage advisor. Single mother Sal risks it all for a sugar daddy in Sicily. Will it all work out?

Mara is a Scottish fairy with a penchant for online gaming and transporting herself to other people’s couches.

Jamie is a violin virtuoso, accountant and once did 9000 crunches in 8 days. She is also a transgender woman.

Longlegs wants to date, but he can’t get over the woman who holds his heart.

Like peering through a series of tenement windows, People Make Glasgow comprises 12 bite-sized stories of contemporary Glasgow life. 12 ideas, 12 powerful women, 12 novels in the making, 12 stories to be told.

A Trip to the Moon Cover

A Trip to the Moon

Life can just be so……. unexpected.

Sometimes it presents you with a choice. Seize the moment and have an adventure? Or go home fantasising about what might have happened if you’d been a little bit braver.

Lyndsey Forbes, a 28-year old doctor specialising in palliative medicine, crammed her belongings into a white Volkswagen golf and set off for a new life in Glasgow. En-route she had an adventure which changed things.

A Trip to the Moon follows the lives of three Glasgow doctors dedicated to making life better for people who are coming to the end of their lives.

Life, death, love, sex, humanity, and being inadvertently imperfect. Life is short. Life is precious. When we grow old, wrinkles are our memories of a life-lived.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity” – Hippocrates.

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