A Most CAP-tivating Tale…….

Do you know the most annoying thing about hat-posts………? (comedic pause) ………… THEY USUALLY GO OVER YOUR HEAD! BOOOOOOOOOOM I BOUGHT A HAT (see pic for said article). It’s blue and woolly and bigger than your average bunnet. I’ve never owned a hat before, believing that my head was too big to warrant the attention.Continue reading “A Most CAP-tivating Tale…….”

Let’s Talk About….. Personality Tests

SATURDAY “It’s my personality.” Helen giggles. “I’m hasty and stubborn…. apparently.” As usual she arrives at our coffee meet like a whirlwind. “You ordered the cake?” She looks around for a waitress. “On the plus side, I’m also dynamic and persuasive.” She winks at me. I don’t doubt it. Especially when it comes to cake.”Continue reading “Let’s Talk About….. Personality Tests”


You’ve met Celeste and her custodian, Sandro. The joyful, life affirming Glasgow Girls, Helen and Rachel. You’ve imagined the parties and darkness of the Ohana. I think wonderful readers, it is finally time to get acquainted with my last character. The wait is over. I bring you retired doctor, sailor, anthropologist and psychoanalyst, Antoni. ENJOY.Continue reading “THE OHANA – CHAPTER 3”

Hedwig the Barefoot Duchess of Silesia

Wroclaw, Silesia: 1209 Monsters come in many forms, including shoes. The soft, brown leather boots are dwarfed by Lorenz the Confessor’s manly hands. Henry the Bearded chose his conspirator well. If anyone has power to make Hedwig cover her feet, it’s Bishop Lorenz. Hedwig feels her breath and her heart quicken. As quickly as itContinue reading “Hedwig the Barefoot Duchess of Silesia”

The True Object Of All Human Life Is Play

Diplomacy is a 67-year old game about taking over Europe. It’s a truly classic board game. Highly influential, intensely beloved, widely acclaimed. The beating heart of Diplomacy is in the alliances and agreements 7 players make in-between submitting orders. It is a game conducted not on the board, but in whispered conversations and secret messages.Continue reading “The True Object Of All Human Life Is Play”