Let’s Talk About….. Writing Books

“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts.”
Savi Sharma

THE END…. THE PERFECT ENDING. With a final late-night, all-consuming, impassioned push my literary baby is born. A culmination of love, perfection, emotional fragility, she lies swaddled in my arms as every sensation overwhelms me. I am utterly exhausted, every ounce of me distilled in those 88,805 words, 366 pages.

Shhh….. don’t wake her.

We both need to sleep, flesh to flesh, whilst she disentangles from me and I pluck up the courage and strength to set her free.


It’s an emotional business, writing books.

This is my third book. It gets more emotional with each one.

Books are extensions of their writers. Their hearts, souls, essence. What else can they be? All I have to draw on is my own reality.

What happens to my characters, where I take them, the toll it takes, the escalating stress and distress – all lies in my hands. I am those people. They are me. I live with them, love with them, die with them, hurt others and are broken by them.

Imagine the terror when I give my creation to someone to read? I’m a nightmare!

I fight the urge to phone every hour. I live in fear they’re confused or that something doesn’t work, they don’t get it, or worse still they’ve disengaged.

Borderline Normality is my first foray into Psychological Suspense. I’ve spent the last year in a state of heightened suspense. It drips from every page.

I’m excited about this one. Really excited.

I know, I know, you want to know what it’s about. The blurb?

52 year-old Adam Waters is going through a rough patch. His internet-based business of selling corporate conferences is tenuous, he drinks too much and is borderline diabetic. It’s not the life he deserves. He’s a free spirit.

When the woman he meets online tells his girlfriend he’s been cheating on her, it’s the final straw. For both of them.

His doctor fears he’s on the verge of narcissistic collapse.

But psychiatric diagnosis is an art form as well as a science. There’s a fine line between trauma, narcissism, sociopathy, fraud and murder. A New York investor presents a golden opportunity his mother would be proud of.

Who’s Sorry Now?

Guess what Blog-Readers? Reviews from the first completers are in. Yee-ha!

Just as well, I’m turning blue from holding my breath. It’s been a looooong week.

This book had me captivated from page one. Lauren’s insight into the gritty reality of people and life builds characters you can truly believe in. The drama unfolds deliciously at a pace that keeps pages turning. The psychological intensity is guaranteed to leave you challenged and emotionally exhausted. A bloody fantastic read!”

“I’m in bits. More than fabulous. Great ending. This will be a bestseller, get it out there!”

“Just finished and I’m a wreck. His descent is written so powerfully. The ending is incredible. I swung between feeling sorry for him and despising him. I need a lie down!”

“Hooked me in from the first page, didn’t want to put it down! Brilliantly written and what an explosive and unexpected ending! Highly recommended.”

“I am speechless. Absolutely fantastic. Just finished it. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading. Loved the ending. Well done on another fantastic book!”

I exhale.

And breathe.

To whet your appetite before it’s available to buy, I’ve uploaded some teaser chapters here:

Click image to view

If you like what you’re reading, please connect with me and I can update you on publishing progress.

Feedback from, and connection with readers makes it all worthwhile and probably maintains my sanity.

I promise not to hassle you whilst you read.

I’m busy making my next literary baby….

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