The Charm Offensive in Diplomacy

Diplomacy is so much more than simply ordering F Lon – Nth. You have to interact with players, build trust and at times, charm and beguile. This article was first published in Diplomacy Briefing (15th July) as part of a series on “The Charm Offensive” in Diplomacy. Original Article: THE CHARM OFFENSIVE EPISODE ONE: THEContinue reading “The Charm Offensive in Diplomacy”

DixieCon, We Have A Problem… Or Do We?

I have agonised over whether to write about DixieCon or whether to move quietly on. Chalk it down to experience. Swallow it up. Give me adversity and I’ll easily rustle up several pairs of lederhosen from the curtains whilst singing The Hills Are Alive. I’m a social turnip. I’ll speak to anyone. But when theContinue reading “DixieCon, We Have A Problem… Or Do We?”

The True Object Of All Human Life Is Play

Originally posted on Lauren Lloyd :
Diplomacy is a 67-year old game about taking over Europe. It’s a truly classic board game. Highly influential, intensely beloved, widely acclaimed. The beating heart of Diplomacy is in the alliances and agreements 7 players make in-between submitting orders. It is a game conducted not on the board, but in…